Pomegranate-infused Lamb Roast

I love nothing better than a fabulous recipe with only three ingredients!



I was given this recipe by De Kirkpatrick, the husband of a law school classmate and a forensic psychologist no less. De nagged me enough about getting real pomegranate syrup that I actually paid attention to his directions and I'm mighty glad I did. When I sent him a draft for corrections, here's what I got back:

"Distress not, Gentle Cook, for thou has captured the recipe to its essence. I never thought about there being a measured cup of the syrup, though, but that's probably right. The recipe is Soviet-Georgian in origin, to which I was introduced by my nephew. I don't know what they used to marinate the lamb in (an old tire perhaps), because, from his description, they were in the wildest of wilds, drinking some seriously good Georgian wine, cleaning their AK 47s, and hatching the Georgian overthrow of Soviet rule. So, gentle Cook, the only thing that could enhance the recipe is for the chef to hang some shred of a family revolutionary flag somewhere in the vicinity and regale the crowd being driven mad by the aromas with high tales of freedom achieved, wrenched from the jaws of tyranny."

Priscilla note: And people wonder why I raise Soay sheep!

Bon appétit!