Soay Bean Soup #2

Nourishing anasazi and garbanzo bean soup with lamb and interesting spices, long ingredient list but short preparation



Portions of this recipe were taken from a chick-pea (garbanzo) soup recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks, “Soup and Bread: A Country Inn Cookbook,” that in fact is dedicated to soup and bread recipes from the Dairy Hollow House, a country inn in the Ozark Mountains. Its proprietor, a woman with the melodic name of Crescent Dragonwagon, adapted her recipe, in turn, from Mollie Katzen's Gypsy Soup in the “Moosewood Cookbook.” Neither of their recipes include lamb, but it is fun to try all three versions. I'm biased, of course, but I think the lamb complements this group of spices nicely.

Anasazi beans are an attractive dark red and white pattern and make a colorful presentation.

Bon appétit!