Why Keep Soay Sheep?

Soay Sheep are Kid (and Grandkid) Friendly

Mathilde feeds; photo by Phil Arnold Are Soay sheep and children compatible? You bet. Little kids are captivated by our tame heritage sheep.

Franny feeds; photo by Jim Horner We've had lots of children mingle with our ewes and lambs and giggle with delight when the sheep nuzzle up for a handful of hay.

Franny, now a teenager, still loves our Soay sheep As the kids get older, they still enjoy walking amongst our sheep

Leah, Emery and friends

What could be more rewarding for a 60-something than to help get eager young shepherds-to-be started raising heritage sheep?

Whether you are a literal kid or still a kid at heart, you will find yourself at risk of frittering away whole summer afternoons watching the lambs frolic, and not just when they are tiny. They continue to play and cavort around the Maternity Ward and beyond when they are weaned and sent to pasture.


It's a hoot to watch them collapse for a nap after a particularly stirring romp. nap time

Gesture drawing by grandpa Lee Kline Grandparents just cannot resist photographing, or in this case drawing, their grandchildren with the sheep.