Breeding and Sales

Current Availability: Winter 2022

New Lambs and Starter Flocks

Soay lambs dozing Even though we will not have starter flocks in 2022, we want to give you a head start on finding what works for you. The link here will take you to our notion of what a good starter flock can be. What goes into a starter flock … ►

Annual Scratch and Dent Sale: Newly-Retired Flocksires

Soay rams grazing

We usually have one or more newly-retired flock sires for sale after they have completed their assigned task with the ewes.

These fellows have their share of “battle scars” from knocking heads during Retired Flocksires for Sale … ► rut each year, but of course the damage is far removed from the breeding equipment.

Yearling Rams

Yearling Soay ram Newsflash: Sheep breeders almost always have more rams than they can use as breeders, yet all of us want to bring in new blood from time to time. If you are looking for a young ram to diversify your flock, please contact us. We almost always have available rams who are eager to assist you in your breeding program.


From time to time we have a few wether lambs available as companions for your breeding rams or to use as a non-breeding group of handsome lawnmowers. Let us know if you're interested.