Why Keep Soay Sheep?

Soay Sheep are Easy Lambers

Photo Essay

From day one, Soay lambs born here have arrived with no fuss and no bother. This particular ewe simply stopped in the pasture in late afternoon and delivered a slimy wet creature who almost immediately stood up to examine its new world.

1. These pictures show the very first lamb born at Saltmarsh Ranch.

2. Mama knew just what to do: nudge the little lamb back to feed.

3. And the lamb knew just where to go — to the udder.

4. Once the lamb got its colostrum, mama finished cleaning it off.

5. But the little one came right back for more of the good stuff.

6. Once mama and baby wandered up to the barn, Llucy llama, the midwife, inspected the ewe's work and pronounced it "nicely done!"

7. And finally, having spiffed up and fed her lamb, mama ewe can show off her work to the rest of the ewes.