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Pre-lambing Checklist

Supplies and equipment: locate or purchase as necessary

You can find a page describing each of these items in more detail here. Or you may click on the individual items in the list below.

Things you will need or find useful for each lamb

  1. Camp stool
  2. Flashlight or lantern and extra batteries
  3. Gloves
  4. Lamb ear tags and applicator
  5. Thermometer and lubricant
  6. BO-SE
  7. Vitamin A & D
  8. Syringes and needles
  9. Portable scale and lamb sling
  10. Vaseline
  11. Strong iodine and dispenser
  12. Clean rags or towels
  13. Pencils, and a small clipboard
  14. Kitchen garbage bags

Additional supplies to have on hand for problem lambs

  1. Lamb drench
  2. Milking jars
  3. Tube feeder
  4. Heat lamp
  5. Milk replacer
  6. Pritchard teat
  7. Electrolytes

Make lambing cards

A handy way to record a lamb's More about lambing cards ► vital statistics, avoid mixups and memory failures, and just plain have fun. Feel free to copy ours.

Set up prep area in shop or barn

This can be as simple as using one towel to provide a clean work surface for loading syringes, plus a box containing the BO-SE, vitamins, syringes, needles and a garbage bag.

Make initial lambing list, put in clipboard, and hang in Maternity Ward

We like to keep a list of all pregnant ewes with their scrapie tag numbers readily available without having to go back to the house. When a lamb arrives, you can add its name and birthdate. The sole purpose of this list is to give us an easy way to check the flock's status as lambing proceeds.