One-Spice Lamb Curry

Why switch recipes when your tried-and-true is still good after 40 years?



Most curry recipes these days vie for the longest spice list, or so it seems. I enjoy trying the various combinations, but sometimes it's nice to just grab the jar of "Curry Powder" and be done with it. Not to mention we farmers seldom have retail outlets nearby offering shelves of freshly ground individual spices. This recipe makes delicious curry using one good already-mixed curry powder.

My college roommate sent me this recipe in 1974 and I still have her battered 5x7 handwritten recipe card. When I made the curry again last week after losing track of it for years, I wanted to change very little, as noted in brackets. The recipe clearly has stood the test of time. Both the original and the revised versions are very tasty over plain white or brown rice, especially on a damp chilly winter stay-at-home Saturday night.

Bon appétit!