Lamb Shanks Reynolds Wrap

As described to me in a butcher shop in suburban Chicago, Illinois



How to securely wrap your lamb shanks in aluminum foil

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Be careful not to let a sharp edge of the shank slit the foil, or you will need to start over!

This is tricky only the first time. Thereafter, you can easily do it while listening to a Wagner opera or watching TV or enjoying your favorite adult beverage -- but probably not with your eyes actually closed.

Best served on top of a bed of rice.

These shanks will not be crispy nor a lovely mahogany color. In fact, they will look pretty insipid on the bone. That's why they are best cut off the bone and scattered on top of rice, perhaps with some heated up frozen peas. But they will taste heavenly, and besides, they take approximately 4.3 minutes to prepare, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your flock.

Bon appétit!