Curried bulgur pilaf with lamb & beets

Vivid red lamb dish with an unusual collection of flavors and quite "healthy"



One of the most unusual lamb recipes I've run across, probably because the color is so startling. It would make a fun dish for Valentine's Day or Christmas Eve or another one of the "red" holidays. But the flavors are so nice, with each component staying pretty much intact. You really can taste the sweetish beets, and then the zingy bulgur, and of course the mild flavor of Soay meat.

The original recipe came from our local paper, the Medford Mail Tribune, in a feature called "Quick Fix ... when time is of the essence ... ready in 35 minutes." It takes me a little longer, but not much.

Although the original recipe says it serves only 4, it actually will serve 6 comfortably if you include a salad and some sort of vegetable.

Bon appétit!