Black Bean & Lamb Chili

I was introduced to this ridiculously easy, yummy chili by my friend and neighbor Deborah Rennie, an award-winning dancer who fuels her performances with this healthy and filling comfort food.



Serves four to six with a loaf of crusty bread and a big tossed salad.

As you can see, Deb is a fan of Penzey's spices. I recommend using them, as I have not been able to "deconstruct" their components and the spice combination in this recipe is essential to its delicious flavor. Both Penzey and my source since my Chicago era, The Spice House of Evanston, have on-line stores. But … if you are ever near Evanston, Illinois, an hour or so wandering around The Spice House is about as close to olfactory heaven as you're likely to find in a lifetime!

Based on personal experience at the Rennie's, this chili can be kept warm for as long as it takes to complete the farm tour, consume particularly good appetizers and/or cocktails, and finish any interesting and uninterruptable pre-dinner conversations.

Bon appétit!